Victor Vellocette to hold his 1000th gig next month

Music performer Simon Dartford known as Victor Vellocette is play his 1000th show. 

Music performer Simon Dartford known as Victor Vellocette is play his 1000th show. - Credit: Simon Dartford

Music performer Simon Dartford, whose stage name is Victor Vellocette, will hold his 1000th concert in St Ives next month. 

Simon, 32, from St Ives, will perform at the St Ives Corn Exchange on November 19, which will mark his milestone. 

Simon played his first gig when he was only 10-years-old in Fenstanton, with a band.

Simon said: “When we first started the band, we did covers of Chuck Berry and all rock and roll stuff, which was all new to me.  

“We started by doing gigs at the local sports day like the village fete, which was my first proper gig with the band.  

Simon Dartford known as Victor Vellocette is encouraging people to come and see him perform in November. 

Simon Dartford known as Victor Vellocette is encouraging people to come and see him perform in November. - Credit: Simon Dartford

This band then formed into the Violet Bones and then he went on to perform as a solo act known as Victor Vellocette.

Simon said: “I think everyone needs a bit of an excuse to get together after what our community has gone through from the Covid pandemic lockdowns.  

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“I will be performing all the songs that I have done before, from the days when I performed with Violet Bones. 

“I am even going to perform some songs from 9-Fold Punch and songs from under my new name Victor Vellocette.

“The Violet Bones did their last song at the St Ives Corn Exchange 5 of 6 years ago, I feel like we have had such good fans both locally and from afar.” 

Simon said people have travelled from Germany and all over to watch their gigs in the past.  

He is really excited to have a band performing with him on November 19 and Simon is the last standing member existing from Violet Bones and 9-Fold Punch. 

Last year Simon performed a live gig on his front lawn at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.  

This was live streamed through Facebook for people to watch, Simon recalls that moment, he said: “I set up my PA and all my neighbours came out of their houses to see what was going on, which quite funny.  

“A lot of people after that stopped me when they saw me go to the supermarket and asked me to perform again as they enjoyed it so much."

Simon is really looking forward to performing next month and is inviting people to come along.

Victor Vellocette will perform on November 19 at the St Ives Corn Exchange, doors open at 7pm and tickets are priced at £10 each.  

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