Vanishing ducks cause mystery at pond in Earith

Earith resident Hazel Lambert has put up posters after seven ducks went missing from the pond.

Earith resident Hazel Lambert has put up posters after seven ducks went missing from the pond. - Credit: Archant

More than half a dozen ducks have been stolen from a Huntingdonshire village pond.

Hazel Lambert, of Whybrows Lane, has put up posters next to the pond in Colne Road after four Aylesbury and three Aylesbury-type ducks vanished.

The 60-year-old told The Hunts Post: “Over the last fortnight the resident ducks have all disappeared one by one. It looks like somebody has taken them rather than Mr Fox.

“There are a couple of reasons for it not being a fox, one is that one of the ducks is elderly and has trouble moving around, which would have been the first one to be taken by a fox. The other is that there are no feathers. I think someone either fancied a duck for the pot or selling our ducks for Christmas time.

“As far as I know, we have never experienced anything like this.”

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She said the current ducks had been on the pond for six or seven years, but ducks had been on the pond for many years, and were part of a focal point of the village.

“Lots of people come from the village, and also the surrounding villages to feed the ducks, see them dive under water and how they are,” Ms Lambert said.

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“I go down to feed them every day and I went down this morning and the pond looks quite barren without the ducks.”

“The pond has a lot of heritage in the village. It used to be where the horses and carts used to be washed and as cars came to replaced them, it became more of a village pond, with reed beds and a fence around it.”

Ms Lambert, also a parish councillor, added: “We will be looking to replace them. Not straight away, but after Christmas and the new year.

Earith Parish Council on Thursday voted to buy some new ducks with a mixture of breeds and sizes in the new year.

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