Vandals target 83-year-old disabled woman’s Huntingdon home

Dustbins being thrown about Coldhams South, Joan Reeves, at her home, in Huntingdon.

Dustbins being thrown about Coldhams South, Joan Reeves, at her home, in Huntingdon. - Credit: Archant

An 83-year-old disabled woman has described vandals who are targeting her Huntingdon home as “disgraceful”.

Joan Reeves, who has one arm and walks with a frame, has had her bins pushed over on several occasions and food thrown and smeared on the windows of her Coldhams South home.

During the most recent incident, on Sunday, March 29, she heard voices in her garden and then realised her wheelie bins had been pushed over.

“It just isn’t nice to do this to someone of my age who can’t get about very easily,” Joan told The Hunts Post.

“The bins are heavy and I can’t pick them up by myself so I have to wait until I can get some help.”

Joan, who has lived in the Luminus property for 25 years, also underwent a spine operation last May and struggles to get around her bungalow, but has been forced to clean up the mess after food was thrown at the windows.

“I have had food and eggs smeared all over the windows, which was difficult to clean off, and the fence has been damaged.

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“I am not a bad neighbour or anything I just keep myself to myself. It is disgraceful and I really shouldn’t have to put up with it”

When The Hunts Post contacted Huntingdonshire District Council for advice, a spokesman agreed to contact Joan and pass her details to HDC’s Community Safety Team. Due to the fact that Joan is considered vulnerable, and is disabled, a member of the team was due to visit her and talk through the issues.

Cambridgeshire police also advised Joan to get in touch with them and said a member of the Local Policing Team would be happy to give her advice about what measures can be put in place to prevent further incidents.