Cambridgeshire police are investigating a ram raid in Warboys which saw a car smash into a shop.

Car in the side of Spar in Warboys. Picture taken by Michael CareyCar in the side of Spar in Warboys. Picture taken by Michael Carey

The vehicle, believed to be a silver Saab, was reversed at speed into the branch of Spar in an attempt to force entry to the shop, however the offenders were unsuccessful and left empty handed.

They also left the car wedged in the shop window.

A spokesman for Cambridgeshire police said: “We were called at 11.52pm on Sunday with reports of an attempted ram raid in Mill Green.

“A vehicle was driven at a branch of Spar, causing damage to the shop. A vehicle was left at the scene and the offenders left empty handed.

“Officers have attended the scene and an investigation is ongoing. No arrests have been made.”

Residents in Warboys took to Facebook after hearing of the raid.

One neighbour of the shop posted: “I heard this happen. The car was screeching forwards then reversing.”

Some residents said that metal bollards placed outside the store prevented the would-be burglars gaining access. One resident said: “It shows that the security measures put in place did a brilliant job.”