University of Third Age to start up in St Ives

A NEW activity group allowing people no longer in full-time employment to learn and share new interests is being set up in St Ives.

The University of the Third Age, also known as U3A, is a learning and teaching environment for people to meet others who shared their interests, and develop new ones.

The inaugural meeting will be held tomorrow (Thursday) at 10.30am, in the Free Church in St Ives, when around 200 people of all ages are expected.

Spokesman Roger Taylor said: “Without the stress of lectures, exams or qualifications to aim for, the U3A utilises the years of experience which many people have by inviting them to join – or form – activity groups which any other member may join.”

Groups run the range from art to zoology, and include, walking, fishing and gardening. Some activities such as theatre-going attract a reduced block-booking price.

Mr Taylor added: “The list is almost endless – I say ‘almost’ because those no longer in full-time employment have usually passed retirement age, which tends to mean that activities like skydiving don’t attract a high membership!”

Suggestions for more than 20 groups in St Ives have been received, including local and family history, music, IT and literature.

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INFORMATION: To find out more, contact Roger Taylor on 01480 381907 or 07973 535095.