Under the hammer .... Huntingdonshire woman’s ’plus-one’ charity proposal

IT can be tricky navigating the dating scene but one Huntingdonshire woman is going a step further than most ... by auctioning herself off for charity.

Aim�e Robinson has come up with an unusual solution to that age-old problem – who to take as your ‘plus-one’ to a wedding when you’re single.

The 25-year-old is bypassing the dating websites and putting herself on the market by offering a night as her chaperone up to the highest bidder on eBay.

The PR consultant, who works in London but is originally from Little Stukeley, says she got the idea while discussing her dilemma with work colleagues.

Aim�e will be trekking up Mount Kilimanjaro in January for Diabetes UK and hopes proceeds from the auction will help her reach her �5,000 fundraising target.

In return, the lucky winner will get the chance to spend the evening with Aim�e and her family at The Old Bridge Hotel in Huntingdon on December 3.

The eligibility criteria is fairly relaxed although any contenders will be vetted before the wedding.

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Aim�e said: “I am a true believer that variety is the spice of life. I would like to meet them before the wedding. It will only be for the evening element, but they will be thrown in the deep end and they should be up for challenge.

“I think it will be nice evening for somebody and a chance to get to know me. And it is for charity. It is real worthwhile cause. It also seems to me a good idea to kill two birds with one stone.”

Aim�e suffers with type one diabetes and must wear an insulin therapy pump at all times to ensure her blood sugar levels remain steady. Though she has her condition under control now, it took doctors months to diagnose it. Aged 10, Aimee’s weight dropped to three-and-a-half stones and she suffered muscle wastage. It wasn’t until she was rushed to hospital in a near-comatose state that she was told she suffered diabetes.

Since then Aim�e hasn’t allowed her condition to hold her back. Last year she ran the New York marathon for a prostate cancer charity.

She will be undertaking her latest challenge with work colleague Helena King, 26, whose sister also suffers from diabetes.

Aim�e said: “I probably have to think more than the average person about what I eat and do. You don’t necessarily have to avoid sugar and sweet things, but you have to make sure you are testing your blood sugar levels all the time.

“It also affects your immune system, so you have to make sure you are being sensible.

“I ran the New York Marathon in November last year. It was a real challenge. It was something that I had to really work at. I had to make sure my diabetes was controlled, but I really missed having that focus and having something to work towards.

“We both really wanted to do a challenge and have a great experience, and we both have diabetes in common, and we came up with Kilimanjaro.”

INFORMATION: To find out more about Aim�e go to http://aimee-robinson.blogspot.com and to make a bid go to the eBay website and search for ‘Young single girl seeks date for wedding’. To sponsor Aim�e’s Kilimanjaro climb go to http://www.justgiving.com/Aimee-Robinson-0.