Two major concerns with the A14 development

Here in Brampton most people agree that “something has to be done” with the A14 and we had better get on with it.

However there are two areas of major local concern:

1. The stretch of urban road between the Hinchingbrooke School wall and the new link road.

2. Thrapston Road in Brampton.

Problems in either of these locations would have major implications for the ability of all of us to get around our area. In relation to number one, traffic volumes will be made up of a) the existing traffic to/from town towards Brampton, Buckden, and the A14 West; b) the new traffic coming from Alconbury, the Stukeleys, and Stukeley Meadows to the station, hospital and school; and c) traffic coming from the old A14 when the viaduct is removed. High demand from Hinchingbrooke Park Road, be it school, hospital or police, coinciding with cars wanting to leave the station car parks and high volumes of pedestrians and cyclists suggests an almighty jam.

Brampton residents fear that Thrapston Road, the existing access to the current A14 near Brampton, will become the preferred route for many from Fenstanton, St Ives and Godmanchester who wish to avoid the irritation of the toll and the additional miles implied by use of the new road. So we fear continuous overload of this route.

The experts say: “Trust us. Our model says it will be all right.” And it may be. Previous failures to predict traffic volumes accurately do not necessarily mean that they are wrong this time. But, if they are wrong and traffic volumes pick up (they are currently depressed by the economy and soon there will be lots of new housing), what level of queuing would they decide to be unacceptable? What is their plan B for solving the problem? We really would like to know.

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