A Ramsey Abbey College student has payed tribute to war heroes with hand-made poppies

Ellie Gilbert from the school’s sixth form, has helped to mark Remembrance by creating hand-made poppies and donating all proceeds to the Royal British Legion.

The year 12 student who is passionate about crafts, first decided to make the Remembrance Day poppies for her family.

After students and staff at the college saw her efforts, they were inspired and set up a stand for Ellie to sell extra poppies at school.

The poppies, which cost just £2 each. have helped raise more than £50 for the Royal British Legion.

Ellie said: “I am always busy creating crafts, so this was a way to share what I love doing whilst donating to the Royal British Legion.

“It was an honour to sell the poppies at school in what will be a very memorable Remembrance Day.”

Andy Christoforou, headteacher at Abbey College, said: “All of us here at Abbey College have been inspired by Ellie, and I personally have been blown away by her creativity and passion.”