Tribunal court in Huntingdon to close as part of plan for ‘improvement’

Huntingdon Law Courts will no longer house the district's tribunal service

Huntingdon Law Courts will no longer house the district's tribunal service - Credit: Archant

Huntingdonshire’s only employment tribunal court is set to close down as part of a plan to improve the service, officials have said.

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) confirmed to The Hunts Post that the tribunal court which sits in Huntingdon Law Courts, in Walden Road, will close in September, with all cases being relocated to Cambridge.

The news was confirmed after signs for the court were taken down earlier this month and a notice appeared in the window of the building.

A spokesman for the MoJ told The Hunts Post: “The Huntingdon tribunal work will relocate to Cambridge in September.

“From that point, employment tribunal cases from Huntingdon will be heard at Cambridge County Court. This change was decided by the leading employment tribunal judge to improve delivery of employment tribunals in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire.”

The closure could also impact cases from as far afield as Northampton, as some cases from the county had previously been heard in the Huntingdon court.

Along with the relocation of the court, administration work for the tribunal service has also been moved to a new base 60 miles away.

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On August 1, all back office work from the service was transferred to Watford with all employment tribunal work now being carried out at a centralised site.

A notice placed in the window of the court reads: “As of August 1, 2017, the employment tribunal administration team will be moving in its entirety to Watford Employment Tribunals and no further employment tribunal hearings will be heard at Huntingdon Law Courts.

“All employment tribunal work will now be dealt with at Watford Employment Tribunals.”

Despite the relocation, the MoJ spokesman confirmed that there were “no forced redundancies or forced relocations” of the staff who worked at the court.

Following the closure, the building will continue to hear criminal and youth court cases, but it is not known what the empty tribunal court will be used for. The closure comes after work was carried out on the £13million building to deal with more employment tribunals in 2013, after crown court work was moved to Peterborough, before its return to Huntingdon in 2015.