Barmaid recalls ‘screaming and shouting’ after stabbing incident at pub

Cambridge Crown Court.

Cambridge Crown Court. - Credit: Archant

A barmaid working at the Monkfield Arms pub has given a harrowing account of the events that took place after a man was stabbed to death at the premises.

Cambridge Crown Court continued to hear evidence on Thursday in the trial of 20-year-old Kai Nazir, of St Neots, who stands accused of murdering Christopher West outside the pub in Cambourne last October.

Nazir also stands accused of the attempted murder of Daniel Berryman, grievous bodily harm with intent and having a bladed article. He denies all the charges against him.

The court heard on Thursday from barmaid Chloe Winters, who described a ‘grey jumper man’, who wouldn’t leave her alone all night.

She said: “This guy in a grey jumper came over to me and kept asking for my number and saying that I was gorgeous and stunning. He kept persisting and I told him that I had a job to do and he kept insisting that he talk to me.

“He kept looking at me weirdly. He had this look in his eyes that managed to get inside my head, I could tell he was looking at me.

“He went and spoke to another girl too and she didn’t seem interested either. I remember his friends laughing and turning around saying that she clearly isn’t interested.

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“He seemed to have a chip on his shoulder. Then when I went to collect glasses he grabbed my wrist and he was insistent on getting my number. I said that I wasn’t interested and that I had a partner.

“He then said I should ditch my boyfriend and wanted to go out with me and he said he wouldn’t leave me alone unless I gave him a kiss.”

Recalling events after the stabbing, Ms Winters told the jury ‘everyone was screaming and shouting’ following the incident.

Ms Winters said she ran outside to defuse a fight and saw Mr West injured.

She said that she stepped between the two men to try and stop the fight.

She said: “He [the man in the grey jumper] walked up to Chris and started throwing what I thought were punches at him.”

The prosecutor, Angela Rafferty, asked Ms Winters if the first blow was thrown at Mr West’s back.

“Yes” she said.

She went on to say: “He then turned and got what I thought were punches thrown at his side and front. Within seconds it all happened so quick and Chris ended up on the floor.”

Ms Winters said she didn’t see any weapon being used at the time, but just saw what she thought was a downwards punch at Mr West.

She said: “Emotions were running high, obviously seeing blood everywhere it wasn’t a nice feeling, but my instant reaction was get on the phone to the ambulance.

Ms Winters then described Mr West fall down like “slow motion, like something you see in movies”.

Miss Winters said that Mr West just “fell to the ground” and that a doctor came to resuscitate him.

“My main attention was on Chris, next thing I saw of him [the man in the grey jumper] was him unconscious on the floor,” she added.

The case continues