Travellers who moved onto car park site in Godmanchester have been moved on, council confirms

Huntingdonshire District Council is taking action

Huntingdonshire District Council is taking action - Credit: Archant

A group of travellers who moved onto a car park in Godmanchester have left the site, Huntingdonshire District Council has confirmed.

A small group arrived at Bridge Place car park on Sunday afternoon and caused concern among residents, who speculated that the group may have moved from Cambourne or Stapleford, where enforcement action has taken place in recent weeks.

The district council began the legal process to move the group on Sunday and served notice yesterday (Wednesday).

A spokesman for the district council confirmed that officers arrived at midday on Wednesday to serve section 77 notices, but the travellers left as they arrived.

The spokesman added: “The notices have been placed on two locations at the site and the council has cleaned the site.”

Section 77 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act allows local authorities to direct unauthorised campers to leave land, with a 24-hour time limit in which to do so.