Suspected sleeping driver with child on board stopped on A1(M)

Officers thought they were "falling asleep" on the A1(M) near Huntingdon.

Officers thought they were "falling asleep" on the A1(M) near Huntingdon. - Credit: Twitter/@roadpoliceBCH

A driver police thought was “falling asleep” while traveling with their young child in the car was stopped on the A1(M) in Cambridgeshire.  

Officers stopped the suspected sleeping driver on the main road at Sawtry near Huntingdon yesterday (May 10).  

It was later uncovered that the driver was actually disqualified.  

The motorist was caught using the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Road Policing Unit’s unmarked police HGV

Flashing lights on the RX91 enforcement truck.

Flashing lights on the RX91 enforcement truck. - Credit: Cambridgeshire Police

Introduced in January this year, the ‘RX91 enforcement truck’ is primarily used to catch HGV drivers breaking the law – allowing officers to see into cabs.  

A police spokesperson said: “A1(M) Sawtry. Driver seen looking tired by our unmarked HGV.  

“Vehicle stopped and found to be a disqualified driver!  

“With his young child in the back. Vehicle taken off to a place of safety for recovery.” 

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One social media user asked police why they didn’t stop the motorist in a "place of safety”. 

“He was told to by police, as per paragraph 3, as it was suspected he was falling asleep,” added police. 

“He shouldn't have been on the road to start with but we deal with what we get as safely as possible every time.” 

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