Calls for 'nightmare' path to be widened win councillor support

Cyclists say the path at Low Road should be widened to offer protection.

Cyclists say the path at Low Road should be widened to offer protection. - Credit: JOHN MORRIS

Hundreds of cyclists have called for a “nightmare” Huntingdonshire cycle and walking path to be improved before another person is killed.

A petition signed by 300 people has been presented to Cambridgeshire County Council calling for Low Road, between St Ives and Fenstanton, to be made safer for cyclists.

Vikki Beale spoke to councillors at a Highways and Transport Committee meeting on Tuesday, March 8 and said cyclists are abused and put in danger when using the road.
Ms Beale said she is a Breeze Ride leader for British Cycling and runs the Sassy Lassies Huntingdon rising group, which has 175 members.

She said: “The Low Road from St Ives to Fenstanton is a nightmare situation for cyclists, I can’t stress that enough.
“In 2008 Mark Robinson was killed on that stretch of road. I personally, and my group have constant issues travelling along that road because of the speed.

“We are frequently abused by drivers however we ride, and as a Breeze Ride Leader I follow all the cycling rules. We are constantly having people skim us, literally skim us, it is only a matter of time before somebody else is killed on that road.”

The road does have a cycle path, but Ms Beale told councillors it is “inadequate” stating it only allowed for one way traffic, and was designed for pedestrians, which meant cyclists have to use the 60mph limit road.

Ms Beale said: “I have got 300 signatures on my petition, to ask you to look at this road with some urgency before another person is killed.”

Ms Beale told the meeting that if the cycle path was widened and made adequate, cyclists would “obviously” use it.
Councillor Douglas Dew said he knew the footpath on Low Road was only just wide enough for two pedestrians.

Councillor Derek Giles said the council needed to look at “doing a lot of work on this”, with Councillor Ryan Fuller also stating that the council should look at it.

The chair of the committee, Councillor Peter McDonald, said the matter would be taken very seriously. He added that a full response to Ms Beale’s petition would be sent to her in the coming days.