Hunts Post readers have their say on parking in St Neots

There are limited parking spaces on St Neots Market Square.

There are limited parking spaces on St Neots Market Square. - Credit: HUNTS POST

In his Hunts Post column on February 7, the Mayor of St Neots, Councillor Stephen Ferguson, addressed complaints from what he described as a "small but vocal group" of motorists about the absence of parking spaces on St Neots Market Square.

He pointed out: "Since the pedestrianisation of the Market Square, the St Neots’ economy has started to flourish, with the influx of lots of wonderful independent businesses and a blossoming cafe culture.

"My strong feeling is that the Market Square belongs to the public and that we should not be deprived of its use for the sole benefit of those who can afford to own a private car."

Many of our readers took to social media to either agree or disagree with Cllr Ferguson. 

Paul O’Neill commented: “You should be able to park on the Market Square. It was a daft idea to stop it. Just a big empty, unused space now.”

Lucie Whittle said: “For those that would usually pop into Greggs for example for their lunch to grab a drink and sandwich on passing and then go quickly back to work, they would park on the Market Square for 15 minutes, now they have to park somewhere else and pay for an hour. It's a wasted space."

Conversely, many replies agreed with the sentiments of Cllr Ferguson.

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 Adrian Mann commented: “If we want the town to flourish again, then cars and traffic should be discouraged from the centre. With considerably reduced traffic, people will feel safer, less polluted, more relaxed and will stay longer."

Another user Nick Gellatly said: "The Market Square is a much better space when filled with people, and I love it...It's surprising how many people are using it even on days where there is no Farmer's Market or another event. An inspired, creative and far-sighted decision.”

However, Dave Fleet commented: “If it's no longer to be used as a car park, make sure all those using the pavement and Brook Street get removed as well.”

An increase in Illegal parking was a concern shared by respondents but, Cllr Ferguson said: "I sympathise with those Market Square residents and business owners who find their access obstructed by illegal and inconsiderate motorists; however, I don’t think introducing even more car parking spaces will solve that issue."