New bus service launched to serve Hunts villages

The AW1 bus will serve Alconbury Weald and villages seven days a week.

The AW1 bus will serve Alconbury Weald and villages seven days a week. - Credit: URBAN & CIVIC

Urban&Civic, working in partnership with the local authority and Dews Coaches, has launched a new bus service that runs seven days a week in a loop between Alconbury Weston, Alconbury, Alconbury Weald, Little Stukeley, Great Stukeley and Huntingdon.

The AW1 service has been planned to increase connectivity between local communities and provide additional sustainable transport links to the wider area; the route timetable has been planned to coincide with connecting trains at Huntingdon Rail Station where possible.

The new service will initially use a modern low floor wheelchair accessible vehicle from Huntingdon-based Dews’ existing fleet, which will be replaced by a specially designed low carbon vehicle in the Spring.

The service is being launched as part of Urban&Civic’s commitment to low carbon living and to improve sustainable transport options, so people living and working at Alconbury Weald have a convenient and reliable alternative to the car.

Rachel Arnold, communities and partnerships for Urban&Civic, said: “The launch of the AW1 bus service represents a significant investment by Urban&Civic in sustainable transport and we’ll be working with residents and those working at Alconbury Weald to incentivise and encourage a shift away from single occupancy car use.

As Alconbury Weald continues to grow, the regularity of the AW1 service will increase and additional services will be added.”

The AW1 bus timetable can be viewed on the Alconbury Weald website and tickets can be purchased via the ticket machine on the bus, which offers contactless payment options.

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Alongside the 904, the new AW1 gives residents of the new development a range of frequent and cost-effective bus service options.