LETTER OF THE WEEK: Government's response to Ukraine is 'shameful'

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Letters to the Editor - let us know what you think. - Credit: HUNTS POST

Our local MP Jonathon Djanogly has indicated that his thoughts are with the Ukrainian people and their President at this time and this is broadly in line with the present Government’s attitude.

At least the ordinary caring people in this area and the country in general are more generous in providing some practical help.

Frankly I am ashamed at the attitude of this Government who is doing very little to assist our neighbours in their hour of need. To suggest that there is a need to protect ourselves from the thousands of children and women who are seeking sanctuary from the Russian invaders is ludicrous. 

Thankfully, the EU is taking a much more moral approach and the neighbouring countries are to be applauded for their generosity in helping these helpless refugees in their time of need.

These developments have shown the need for a united approach to such problems and surely we did not leave the EU in order to avoid our responsibility towards citizens of other countries in their hour of need.

It has been said that the Ukraine situation may well be Boris Johnson’s saving just as the Falklands war saved Margaret Thatcher when her popularity was waning, and that people will no longer be interested in ‘partygate’ etc as time goes on. Those pundits may well be correct and the PM may survive the current police investigation.

However, The Falklands only put off the day before the country and the Conservative party tired of Mrs Thatcher.

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I would like to know what Mr Djanogly is doing to help shape Government policy and indeed what his thoughts are on this subject?

Charles Cullen

Nelson Road, Hartford

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