A farm in Hail Weston was alive with the chugging of vintage tractors at the weekend at the Odd Wheel Club held its annual open event.

Dozens of visitors stopped off at Wood Farm on Saturday and Sunday to watch a team of 14 vintage tractors busily ploughing and cultivating their allocated plots.

The event was run by the Odd Wheel Club, raising money for the Beds and Cambs Rural Support Group, which looks after people who live and work in rural areas and have fallen on hard times.

Anne-Marie Hamilton, of Wood Farm, said: “There were at least 14 vintage tractors to be seen at any one time, turning over the soil on their allocated plots, mainly using ploughs but some following up with cultivators behind them.

“There was a steady stream of spectators who come to see them, and a lot of happy memories for many who remembered working these tractors in the past.”