Towerfields landlord Legal & General pledges to resolve parking fines fiasco

Car Parking signs at Towerfields, Huntingdon.

Car Parking signs at Towerfields, Huntingdon. - Credit: Archant

The landlord of Towerfields leisure complex in Huntingdon, Legal & General, says it hopes to resolve the parking restrictions fiasco today (Friday).

Countless drivers have been caught out and fined £100 after exceeding a three-and-a-half hour limit, introduced on November 30.

The Hunts Post launched its Ditch the Fines campaign before Christmas after being inundated with calls from furious motorists, who complained they had been unaware of the new restrictions.

Legal & General said on Monday, December 30 that it had suspended the cameras and would seek to provide refunds.

But this week people who had appealed against fines have been receiving letters from parking firm Civil Enforcement Ltd saying they have been unsuccessful and they still have to pay.

And anyone who called the Liverpool-based company was told it was unaware of any possibility of refunds.

A spokesman for Legal & General said this morning that the intention was to resolve the situation today (Friday).

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The insurance giant has also taken to Twitter to say the parking limit was supposed to be a deterrent to people abusing the free parking and was never meant to penalise visitors using the cinema or restaurants. It also told those that had been fined to expect a letter.

Despite Legal & General’s assurances, people who had provided proof to Civil Enforcement Ltd that they visited the cinema, a restaurant or both were still being told they would have to pay. The alternative was to appeal to POPLA (Parking on Private Land Appeals).

Many were concerned they would lose the option of paying a discounted rate of £60 so were left debating the best course of action, while waiting for the saga to be resolved.

The Hunts Post has contacted Civil Enforcement Ltd but it has so far been unable to provide a comment.