Three crashes in one week on Warboys road

HALLOWE’EN turned into a real-life nightmare for a Warboys family after a car crashed into their home.

The vehicle was travelling down Station Road towards Forty Foot Bank at 2.30pm on Wednesday (October 31) when the driver lost control.

The car careered into the opposite kerb and rebounded into Anthony and Lesley Dunkling’s drive, flattening two trees and smashing into their new Vauxhall Vectra, which was shunted into a wall.

Mrs Dunkling, 61, who was loading pumpkins into the back of the car just two minutes before the crash, has urged Cambridgeshire County Council to install traffic-calming measures on the road, which has been the site of numerous incidents over the years, she said.

“It was so frightening,” she said. “Ever since they opened the land fill site at the top of the road there has been problems with cars ending up on our drive.

“I think they hit the bend too fast, clip the kerb and then lose control.”

“All I could think was what if it had happened two minutes earlier? I could have been killed.”

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Neighbour Geraldine Langley, 58, said accidents had been taking place on the road for eight years and she had taken it upon herself to erect her own road warning signs as the council appeared to be doing nothing.

“We had three in one week last year,” she said. “They drive too fast, hit the kerb and then plough into my garden. I’ve had trees felled, pillars knocked down, brickwork damaged and no-one offers to pay for the chaos they cause.”

Mrs Langely, who works at Nene Wade College in March, said she had written repeatedly to councillors but nothing had been done. “The traffic needs to be slowed down,” she said.

Mrs Dunkling, who owns Society Kitchens in Warboys, added: “Does someone have to die before people will take notice?”

A spokesman for CCC’s highways department said: “We are not aware of this latest incident but we will take a look at this piece of road and see if anything can be done.

“Road safety is a priority for us and we will work towards a solution to the problem. What we would urge, is for drivers to always drive to the weather conditions.”

Safer neighbourhoods manager for Huntingdonshire Inspector Mark Greenhalgh added: “We will definitely look into this because if it keeps happening then something is definitely not right. We will try to work with other agencies and assist them as far as possible in addressing this problem.”