Thousands of Cambridgeshire homes still without water

MORE than 2,500 Cambridgeshire homes are still without water supplies, after a water main burst this morning.

MORE than 2,500 Cambridgeshire homes are still without water supplies, after a water main burst this morning.

Cambridge Water, the company responsible for fixing the burst main in Hattons Road, Longstanton, initially estimated that 3,000 affected homes had been affected, with water supplies expected to be back on by 10am.

However, it is now thought some 5,000 properties lost water supply – with 50 per cent still without water well into the afternoon.

Annalise Lister, communications manager for Cambridge Water, said the company hoped that 95 per cent of affected customers would have water by 7 o’clock this evening (Monday). The damaged pipe has yet to be fixed, with the engineers’ priority to restore the water supply to customers as quickly as possible, she said.

She added: “We have had about 1,300 calls today about the burst water main. We are trying to update people as quickly and as accurately as we can but in a situation as fluid as this one it is not always easy to do.

“It rained heavily last night but it is unlikely that the rain caused the burst. Unfortunately, bursts can happen at any time, day or night, and we do see them quite regularly – but not normally as severe as this.”

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When the water main burst at around 6am, the supply network affecting the villages of Lonstanton, Fenstanton, Hilton, Longworth, St Ives, Swavesey, Over, Connington and properties south of the river in St Ives was completely drained down.

Cambridge Water has rerouted the water supply around the burst main and the company is refilling the main at a controlled level to prevent a build of up air in the network, which could lead to further burst pipes.

When the supply is restored, it is possible some customers may experience cloudy or milky water. This discolouration is caused because of air in the water main. The water remains safe to drink. Any customers who continue to experience cloudy or milky water later in the day are advised to run their cold water supply until the water runs clear.

Emergency water supplies are being mobilised for any properties that are likely to remain without water.

CONTACT: Anyone else who has a particular need for water is advised to contact Cambridge Water on 01223 706050.