Thief who targeted VW Golfs in Huntingdonshire villages told to pay victims

A THIEF who broke into several VW Golfs in Huntingdonshire villages has been ordered to pay more than �500 to his victims.

Kevin Brown, 22, cruised round towns and villages in Cambridgeshire with a friend, who has not been caught, looking for potential targets.

Peterbrough magistrates heard how Brown breaking into six cars in March, Somersham and Ramsey in the early hours of January 6, and stole sat navs, radios and other valuables.

Brown, of Green Park, Chatteris, crashed his car through a fence of a home in Ramsey Forty Foot. He left his own VW Golf in the garden and ran off.

He later reported it stolen but was picked out by a witness who had seen Brown running off.

Another witness had seen Brown’s car being driven in a suspicious manner and took down a partial number plate.

Brown had also broken into five more VW Golds in March and Chatteris overnight between January 1 and 2.

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He pleaded guilty to two charges of theft from a motor vehicle and asked for a further nine offences to be taken into consideration.

At Peterborough Magistrates’ Court on Thursday (March 15). Brown was given a 12 month community order, ordered to carry out 60 hours’ unpaid work and 30 hours at an Attendance Centre. He must also pay �50 compensation to 10 of the victims and �15 to another who did not have any valuables taken.

Detective Constable Mark Yendley said: “Brown was caught thanks in no small part to members of the public who reported suspicious activity and provided different bits of information.

“While none of that information was enough on its own, we were able to piece them all together and bring a strong case for all the offences against him.

“This case shows how vital the public are and how any information, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem, can help bring offenders to justice.”