Thief to be sentenced after robbery of elderly man at cashpoint

Man to be sentenced with robbery of 72-year-old and theft from a van

Man to be sentenced with robbery of 72-year-old and theft from a van - Credit: Archant

A man who admitted to robbing a 72-year-old using force has had his case sent to Peterborough Crown Court.

David Edge, of Grenfell Road, in Bury, appeared at Cambridge Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday (February 9) facing charges of robbery and theft, which he pleaded guilty to during the appearance.

The court heard that Edge had stolen hundreds of pounds worth of cash from an elderly gentleman at a cash machine in Ramsey on February 6.

Paul Brown, prosecuting, said: “When the man was at the cash point he took out £200 then Mr Edge grabbed it from his hand which has been squeezed to facilitate that.”

Magistrate Patrick Sweeney was told that after the incident Edge handed himself in at the local police station and admitted to the crime.

According to Mr Brown, Edge had carried out the attack to fund his drug addiction and used all of the money to buy drugs on the same day.

“Even by his own admission Mr Edge has lost control of his addiction, he said he wouldn’t have given the money back to the man but he told the police he would have used more force if he had to.”

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In a unrelated incident on December 13 last year Edge broke into a van in Ramsey and took two sat navs worth £150 each and a mobile phone from the glove box of the vehicle.

It was discovered that Edge had carried out the theft after his finger prints were found by police.

Mr Brown added: “The owner of the vehicle explained that there was no reason for the defendant’s fingerprints to in the vehicle.”

When questioned by police Edge admitted that he had no recollection of carrying out the theft but agreed he must have as his fingerprints were on the vehicle.

No application for bail was made as Kevin Warboys, defending, said: “Mr Edge has agreed that his drug habit has got completely out of control and sees custody as one way of tackling the issue.”

The 29-year-old was also in breach of a current community order.

Edge will remain in custody until his appearance at Peterborough Crown Court to face sentencing on March 8.