Hayley Williams writes about the power of a 'thank you'

Hayley Williams at Keystone Marketing writes for The Hunts Post.

Hayley Williams at Keystone Marketing writes for The Hunts Post. - Credit: HAYLEY WILLIAMS

'Thank you'. Just two little words, but words with big impact. Words we learn to say as children, perhaps without realising their significance. Words that are important in business too.

I'm sure I'm not the only one whose parents said "and what do you say?" after being given something as a child. But, saying thank you isn’t just about manners, it's a hugely powerful way of expressing gratitude. And gratitude is something that's very much at the heart of my approach as a business owner too.

As a marketing consultancy, our work predominantly focusses on communication and engagement. Understanding audiences, developing content and planning strategies and campaigns that convey a clear message from one party to another.

But as well as executing marketing excellence, it has always been just as important to me to look at how we foster our relationships with the people we work with and work for too. Some of the most significant stand out moments in our business have come from building and appreciating strong relationships with clients and partners.

I have always wanted to show how much I value, appreciate and respect the part each individual and organisation has played in shaping our business journey. This desire to be grateful and say thank you has always been a fundamental part of the person I am.

However, I didn’t appreciate quite how much of a positive effect those two words would have on colleagues and clients; for them as individuals, and for the collective business relationships we hold together.

At the end of last year, we took some time to reflect on all those who supported our business during the year. Those highly valued clients and partners who trusted in us to deliver good work and contributed to our success.

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Just taking the time to recognise the part they played was a humbling experience - but we wanted to tell them too. Rather than the traditional thank you cards and gifts we’d distributed in the past, the most recent festive period saw us dedicate trees. And when it came to choosing the variety, it had to be Oak - a symbol of strength and survival. Traits that so many of our clients and partners demonstrated throughout 2020, and whose support enabled our business to stay strong and sustainable too.