Do you know anything about a haunted pub?

There have been reports of ghostly goings-on at the Black Bull over the years.

There have been reports of ghostly goings-on at the Black Bull over the years. - Credit: HUNTS POST

Here is another ghost story taken from Mark Egerton's book The Haunted History of Huntingdonshire. 

Mark says that during his research for the book he wanted to discover the area's haunted buildings and the location that was mentioned most by local people was The Black Bull at Godmanchester.

It was formerly an old coaching Inn, and the oldest parts of the building date back to the 17th Century.

Mark says he first became aware  of the pub's haunted reputation as a schoolboy in the seventies.

A decade later, a number of paranormal investigations were carried out in the pub.

"I listened to a tape recording made by a man called Phil Woodhead. Phil is an experienced and reputable investigator and I have no reason to doubt that his tape was genuine.

"You could clearly hear Phil's voice and a series of knocks and raps in response to his questions. The standard procedure is to ask the entity to provide two knocks for a 'yes' answer and one knock for 'no'."

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Mark says Phil was able to establish that he was talking to a woman in her thirties who had worked at the pub.

There are also stories of a highwayman whose apparition has been seen at the pub.

"Most of the reports that I have received refer to poltergeist activity rather than manifestations," explains Mark.

"Two men explained that during a lull in a pub quiz, the room became noticeably colder and then the beer tankards hanging up behind the bar began to shake and rattle and this went on for 20-30 seconds."

Mark says there were also reports in 2016 of a toilet door locking from the inside, which he examined himself and realised there was not space to lock it and then crawl out again.

"All in all, the Black Bull pub remains something of a mystery. So many reports and but so little that can be regarded as conclusive evidence that the building is genuinely haunted. Hopefully somebody is reading this and will be able to get in touch and tell me more."

Mark's book is available at St Neots Museum and Niche Comics and Books in Huntingdon. Email Mark at: if you have any haunted stories.