The first person to sleep at highest points of counties to complete challenge in lowly Huntingdonshire

AN adventurer will become the first person to sleep on the highest points of England’s historic counties at the weekend - sleeping at a lowly farm in Covington.

Andy Strangeway is one of only 100 people thought to have visited all the county summits in England and Wales and he will finish the English leg of his journey at the country’s lowest highest point in Huntingdonshire with only a sleeping bag to protect him from the elements.

Yorkshireman Andy will raise his flag over Huntingdonshire at Bush Ground on Bottom Farm on Saturday, which is 80 metres above sea level, before spending the night and completing his marathon effort in Anglesey, Wales, the night after to conquer the highest points in the principality.

Rupert Barnes, The Huntingdonshire Society vice chairman, will be joining Andy for his last night before completing the challenge.

During his adventure, Andy has been to England’s highest point Scaffell Pike at 978 metres and Wales’ highest point Snowden at 1,085 metres.

Andy started his challenge in November 2010 and between December last year and February, he managed to sleep on 20 summits.

He said: “Looking back at my adventure, the time I have spent out over the winter has certainly developed my character and built my confidence. I have also been blessed to experience shooting stars, countless meteors, as well as some breathtaking sunrises and awesome sunsets.

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“I have awoken on top 10 of our National Parks and seen beauty that only few are blessed to experience. We live in an amazing country.”