The first of the new era of St Ives pubs turns 50

A ST Ives pub is holding a special happy hour to mark its 50th birthday.

The Seven Wives landlords Tony and Lyn Herrick convinced Enterprise Inns, the pub’s brewery, to renovate the front of the pub with a new patio, planter and furniture which will be unveiled on its anniversary today (Thursday).

On Friday, the celebrations kick off with a happy hour between 6 and 8pm, with selected beers at �1.96, the first three numbers of 1962. Reggae band Rhythm and Boots will perform later in the evening.

Bob Burn-Murdoch, curator of the Norris Museum, said the pub was the first of the town’s “new” pubs. “There was a decline in pub numbers in the first half of the century but as the town started expanding in the 1950s and 60s the Seven Wives was built as the first of the town’s new pubs,” he added.

The pub’s first pint was pulled by then St Ives Mayor C Haigh, in front of its first landlords Mr and Mrs Dancer. Cllr Haigh told The Hunts Post in 1962: “I am sure it has a great future.” Fifty years on, it looks as if he was right.