Reporter Alexandra Collett looks back at 2020

Kate Pistilli, 33, who was eight months pregnant at the time had breast cancer, 

Kate Pistilli, 33, who was eight months pregnant at the time had breast cancer. - Credit: Archant

Reporter Alex Collett looks back at the events and people  who made headlines in 2020. 

March: The coronavirus pandemic lockdown started, which saw gyms, pubs, restaurants, cafes and non-essential shops all close.  

April, NHS staff were working hard during the pandemic, but Godmanchester nurse, Bex Williams came back from a 12-hour night shift to find a note that someone had pushed through her door telling her she was a “disgrace” for breaking lock-down rules and she had “been reported”. 

The note read: “You are a disgrace and you have been reported! Stay at Home, Save Lives 

She had just completed the first of three-night shifts at Peterborough Hospital. 

Bex said: “I was obviously really upset and angry after coming home from a 12-and-a-half-hour shift to find this note on my doorstep. 

“At first I thought it was a good will gesture letter, after other nurses have received lovely gifts and messages on their cars and doorsteps. 

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“When I opened the note my heart just pounded in my throat, I just couldn’t believe how awful it was.” 

June:  The Hunts Post reported that 11 fires had been started at the former RAF Upwood site between March and June.  

The Hunts Post worked with Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service to reveal a pattern of offences also going back several years.  

Data shows that fires at the former air base mostly seem to have occurred in April or May of this year 2020 and last year 2019. 

July:  Irving Stone glided across the lake at DM Watersports Ltd, in Little Paxton to celebrate his 80th birthday. On one of the hottest days this year he took to the water as friends cheered him on as he took off and watched him lap round the lake several times. 

August: when the UK had come out of the first Coronavirus lockdown a St Ives lady called Kate Pistilli, 33, who was eight months pregnant at the time had breast cancer, but amazingly wanted to raise money for the charities who have helped her through her difficult time. 

She has raised a whopping £4,785.23 so far on her Virgin JustGiving page, for Hunts Community Cancer Network (HCCN) and Mummy’s Star. 

September: Lisa Leader, a mum from Godmanchester, who has brain cancer, asked the public to help her raise £100,000 to get lifesaving treatment in Germany.  In just a few months with the help of friends and family’s fundraising efforts, they are now close to reaching their target and have raised £97,000. 

Also in September,  was a Hemingford Abbots’ resident who found a WWII bomb was dug up in his garden while he was working from home. 

Niels Payne, 51, was alerted by workmen the morning of September 21 by a tap on the window to say they had found “something suspicious”. 

Residents were told to evacuate their homes and stand 50 metres away. 

Bomb dispersal experts were quick on the scene to remove the bomb and dispose of it in a field at a far distance away from the village.   

October:  London Luton Airport and NATS put forward a proposal to create a ‘holding stack’ over the skies of Huntingdonshire. The Hunts Post received many letters from Hunts Post readers with questions and concerns about the holding stack over Huntingdonshire and Hunts Post Reporter Alex Collett held a recorded interview with Nicole Morris from London Luton Airport Operations and Richard Crooks from NATS to ask the questions that the Hunts Post readers wanted to know.  

December: a devastating house fire in St Neots resulted in two children, a girl aged seven and a boy aged three, losing their lives in the blaze.  

Their mother was taken to hospital with life changing injuries. The fire was caused by an electrical fault and it left the community heartbroken, the public laid flowers for the family who had lost their children. 

Editor Debbie Davies also wrote a heartfelt message to the community of St Neots and the family who were grieving over the loss.