The coach’s view: Louis Smith on Strictly Come Dancing

Strictly Speaking... Louis Smith’s coach at Huntingdon Olympic Gym gives his thoughts on the gymnast’s performance on Saturday in the BBC One television show, Strictly Come Dancing. Louis finished this round of the competition second following the public vote.

“IT’S all about posture” was Louis’ comment when I spoke to him about the Viennese Waltz a few days ago, and I think he carried it off very well on Saturday.

Great lines, good technique on the steps, great musicality, and, and, and ... what on earth do I know about ballroom dancing?! Not a great deal, I have to admit, but he looked good and the judges seemed impressed so I’m sure he’s happy.

As a new initiate to the Strictly scene I am slowly being converted to a wonderful evening of entertainment.

Brucie is a legend and can still time his lines and his pauses better than most in the business. The judges are a refreshing change from the fearsome gymnastic versions and their comments are simply wonderful: “Your arm hung down like a loose piece of knicker elastic” was a particular favourite.

And the diversity of the dancers goes to show how accessible to everybody this way of moving is.

Louis should be pleased with his performance but must work hard to stay the pace for the next few weeks of rigorous training – I know it’s tough, mate, but stay with it and enjoy the dance!

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Keep going Louis.


Huntingdon Olympic Gym