The coach’s view: Louis Smith comes second in Strictly Come Dancing for second week

HUNTINGDON gymnast Louis Smith continues to impress on BBC 1’s Strictly Come Dancing, using his strength to lift dance partner Flavia Cacace over his head to recreate the iconic lift from 80s film Dirty Dancing for the show’s Hollywood-themed week.

LOUIS and Flavia paid a surprise visit to the gym last Wednesday. They needed somewhere to practise their Dirty Dancing lift and the foam pit provided a perfect safety net for Ms Cacace as she soared above her partners head.

“Maybe you should be catching Louis”, I quipped, remembering the effect of the end of Lisa Riley’s first dance. Flavia was not in agreement and continued her leaps, as well as enjoying a bounce on the trampoline, a swing on the rings and a bit of a masterclass on the pommel horse from Louis, keen to re-acquaint himself with the apparatus.

It was good to see Louis so happy and clearly enjoying the freedom of movement that dancing can give. I’m no expert but I happen to think that, if he can just relax, wiggle his hips, and smile, he could actually be an awesome dancer.

Saturday’s show was another cracking entertainment extravaganza, and it was good to see our boy gain some decent marks from the judges.

Louis learns things quickly - I’ve seen him juggle, skateboard and rollerblade, and he is an adept cartoonist, as is often seen by the anonymous sketches that sometimes adorn the notice boards of the gym.

He’s settling into a good routine now and I can tell that he’s really getting to grips with this dancing lark, looking more confident and with that tell tale competitive glint in his eye that always sees him rise to the challenge.

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Keep Going Louis!

Paul Hall