The coach’s view: Huntingdon gymnast Louis Smith’s tango takes him top in Strictly Come Dancing Hallowe’en special

HUNTINGDON gymnast Louis Smith is living up to the being the pre-show favourite in BBC 1’s Strictly Come Dancing, tangoing his way to the top of the leaderboard for the first time.

WELL, he may have been wearing make up, but I’ve seen Louis looking similar on a number of Sunday mornings when he’s arrived for a 10am training session looking like a zombie.

The last time I saw him attempting a Tango, it was spilling down the front of his leotard, but I’m very glad to see that he has now mastered the dance and topped the leader board with a spookily good performance.

Great footwork, higher kicks than Flavia, and a jacket that may well have come out of my own wardrobe - what more could we ask for?

So good to see Louis enjoying his performing and settling in to his new role as dancer extraordinaire. I can see he’s really beginning to get into the dance and let his great character shine through.

When he was younger Louis was up to all sorts of mischief in the gym, and our version of the naughty step was to be sent to the Pommel Horse to do numerous circles.

Some 800,000 revolutions later, Louis has definitely learnt his craft, and is now showing everyone just what a talented guy he really is.

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