Telly treatment pays off for Ramsey couple on BBC3

THERE’S not a man alive who wouldn’t love to find out what women want – just as there isn’t a woman who would turn down the chance to change her man.

THERE’S not a man alive who wouldn’t love to find out what women want – just as there isn’t a woman who would turn down the chance to change her man.

But few would choose to put their relationship under the microscope for it to be broadcast on national television to millions.

It’s an approach that has paid off for Ramsey couple Nisaa Brown and Paul Shah, who appeared on BBC3 show How to Live with Women in March in an attempt to strengthen their relationship – and are now preparing for a wedding and their first child before the end of the year.

“We had been together for about a year, and had just moved in together. It was then we started to realise we had a few niggling problems,” said Nisaa, 25.

“Paul wanted to start a family, but I refused because I would have had more people to look after. I felt I already had one kid to look after – him.

“He was a workaholic, and was working very unsociable hours. I felt like I’d been pushed into the mother role – telling him when to get up, when to have dinner, when to go to bed.”

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In an attempt to tame and train him, Paul, 28, was sent to live with mentors who taught him that self-discipline, focus and communication were the keys to a successful relationship.

At the end of the programme, the couple, who live in Old Station Road, were reunited for Nisaa to judge Paul’s progress.

“The crew told us that there was one more scene to film, about our future. It was then that Paul got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said yes straight away.”

Since then, the couple have been making plans to tie the knot, which they hope to do in August. They are also expecting their first baby in November.

“I think the programme gave us time to reflect, and as soon as he had started to mend his ways we decided to set a date,” said Nisaa.

“I think he wanted to know what the secret was and what women want, a bit like Mel Gibson. And I think he found out: it’s just a bit of care and attention.”

The couple have since received offers from other TV shows keen to feature them, and have been asked to take part in charity fundraisers.

Even a night at the pub now involves signing the odd autograph or two, and Nisaa has been offering DJ gigs in Cambridge, and Paul has plans to enter The X Factor next year.

Nisaa added: “Since going on the programme, Paul has changed his job and we have spent much more time together. Now it’s me who acts like the kid, and he has to tell me off.”

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