Alex Appleton has made himself a ‘Coronaruler’ to abide to the safe social distancing rule.

The 16 year old has made himself a ‘Coronaruler’ to keep a safe distance from others when he needs to leave the house.

Alex Appleton, a Year 10 student from St Ivo School, has made a two-metre stick and named it the ‘Coronaruler’ when he goes out for a walk.

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It comes as the government has enforced new rules telling people to keep a two-metre social distance to limit the spread of Covid 19.

Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has also issued a potential three-week lockdown of the UK, to stay at home and only to leave the house, when buying essential items or to do a form of exercise in the great outdoors.

The six-foot measuring device is made from the highest tensile strength antibacterial bamboo.

Alex Appleton said: “It’s better a stick than getting sick, I’d rather look a bit daft than be indirectly responsible for someone losing a loved one.”