Teen gets stuck in child’s swing in Huntingdon park

A HUNTINGDON teenager landed herself in a sticky situation when she decided to relive her recent youth…

The unnamed girl got stuck in a baby swing at Pitts Park in Sapley Road on Sunday afternoon – much to the amusement of local parents.

Firefighters were called just after 4pm and had to use specialist cutting equipment – usually used at the scene of road accidents – to cut her free. They took just 20 minutes to release the girl, who was not injured, from the tight spot she found herself in.

One local mum said the girl was part of a gang of older children who had descended on the park, leaving little room for the little ones to play.

She said: “Let that be a lesson to all teenagers who think it’s acceptable to play on equipment designed for someone half their size!”

She added: “It’s a shame that they ruin the parks with mindless behaviour and it frustrates me beyond belief, especially during the summer time.”

The park is maintained by Huntingdon Town Council, which has made the area safe and ordered a new seat for the swing.

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Town clerk Karen Cameron said: “This was extremely unfortunate. We do provide play areas and recreation space for a wide variety of ages and we don’t expect that we are going to have to replace equipment for this kind of reason.

“There are opportunities for that age range to find others ways of occupying themselves. It’s a shame that this incident has occurred and hopefully the girl has come out of it unscathed.”