Teen and man face lengthy spells in jail for parts in Huntingdon stabbing

A TEENAGER and a man have been told they face lengthy jail terms for their parts in a stabbing in Huntingdon.

A 23-year-old Latvian was attacked during a night of violence in Huntingdon on February 12.

A 17-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, admitted in court on April 23 causing grievous bodily harm and possessing an illegal weapon.

On Monday, at Huntingdon Crown Court, he was told that he was “overwhelmingly likely to serve a long sentence” for the stabbing, which took place in Nene Road at 3.35am.

His co-defendant, Matthew Douglas, 22, of Nene Road, Huntingdon, pleaded guilty to causing unlawful wounding at Huntingdon Law Courts on Monday.

The attack came after two other assaults earlier in the same night outside the Acorn Centre and in Sallowbush Road.

Judge Patrick Moloney told the defendants: “Both of you have pleaded guilty in your different ways to a most serious and unpleasant case of knife crime. This is the offence that the court is going to take very seriously. This kind of offence, a very serious gang incident which this was, will be treated with the severity that it deserves.

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“I have to warn both of you, particularly [the 17-year-old], that a custodial sentence of some length is overwhelmingly likely.”

The court heard that Douglas had two previous charges of harassment and one of threatening behaviour.

The teenager was remanded in custody in Wetherby, and Douglas was given a curfew and will remain on an electronic tag until the pair are sentenced on Friday, August 17.