Talking does help in policing Huntingdonshire

I recently read a quote that went along the lines of: “If people spent more time talking to each other rather than about each other, many of the world’s problems would disappear”.

Perhaps an over simplistic view of life but as the police we tend to get involved in circumstances where communication has broken down, in some cases not been tried, or in some cases where the only communication required are the words “you are under arrest”.

Much of police work is about communication and problem solving with people turning to the police when they feel nobody else can help. Members of your local Problem Solving Teams are based at Huntingdon, Yaxley, St Ives, Ramsey and St Neots but cover the entire district.

The teams are mandated to look at key issues across the district and try and work to resolve long term problems that impact on policing resources.

They will look at issues from any angle and use which ever tools or legislation they can find in order to put a stop to the wrong doing.

This could be anything from a persistent caller, neighbour dispute, an anti-social behaviour (ASB) case or a significant crime trend they have the ability to impact upon.

Occasionally the work the team does hit the headlines, for example the very recent closure of an address in Merton Walk, Godmanchester that was causing serious and persistent nuisance and disorder.

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This was an issue that had a massive impact on the local residents.

It required an enormous amount of work behind the scenes gathering evidence, linking in with the District Council, Fire Service and most importantly liaison with those affected by the situation.

It is really impressive that the house was closed by Huntingdon Magistrates in what is a short period of time, providing much needed relief to neighbours and a strong clear message to those that think there are no boundaries.

Looking further back the team have been responsible for the successful eviction of a problem family on Oxmoor.

This included two evictions in partnership with Luminus, and four anti social behaviour injunctions on members of the family banning them from the Oxmoor estate. Both Luminus and the Police received a letter of thanks signed by many of the local residents. Even now work continues with members of the team having attended court on several occasions to deal with breaches of these injunctions.

This work will continue so long as there is a need to target those who prolifically commit crime and anti social behaviour undermining our community values.

These are simply examples of the day to day work that goes on, much of it unseen but to those immediately involved. If you feel that there is an issue that we can support then please contact your local Problem Solving Team.

We will always work in conjunction with our partners to intervene and resolve issues.

It is this successful approach that continues to reduce crime and disorder in the Huntingdonshire area and make it a safe and pleasant place to live.