Swarms of flies return to Huntingdonshire villages

Flies across County

Across the county people have been infested with flies in their homes. - Credit: CHRIS DUNN

Recent social media posts have suggested that swarms of flies are beginning to return to Huntingdonshire villages.

Residents in Broughton, Warboys and Bluntisham have described the vast amounts of flies infesting the area, with one social media user saying they can't open their windows.

The user added: "Gosh, I've lived in the countryside for all my life but never seen something like this."

One reader said: "It's off the scale. No barbeques this summer again."

Last year the Hunts Post reported that a 'plague' of flies hounded people across the district, and a social media user has already said that they hope it is not as bad as last year.

The Hunts Post spoke with the Environment Agency last year, who said they believed the nuisance of flies could be attributed to the warm weather.  

Residents have been purchasing fly traps in response to the sudden increase, with social media users commenting that their traps are filling up quickly.

One user said: "I got 40 up the hoover on Monday, the fly papers filling up and a flycatcher outside filling up quickly."

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Are you experiencing a huge influx of flies into your homes and villages? Please send any details or pictures of your experiences to Alexander.Gilham@archant.co.uk.