Sustainable bridal shop offers wedding dresses a second chance

Ivy and Gold Bridal is a sustainable bridal shop in Hemingford Grey.

Ivy and Gold Bridal is a sustainable bridal shop in Hemingford Grey. - Credit: SIAN RICHARDSON

The owner of a sustainable bridal shop in Hemingford Grey is hoping her environmental approach to repurposing wedding dresses will inspire brides-to-be.

Moved by her own experience, caught up in the whirlwind of finding the ‘dream dress’, Pippa Eke confessed the prospect of her wedding dress laying in the attic, gathering dust, was one that worried her.

She said: “What on earth was I going to do with a £2,000 dress? Therefore, I decided to sell it and make some money back. This, however, was far more difficult than I anticipated, so the idea sprung into my head to start Ivy and Gold Bridal.”

Pippa launched the company on the eve of the first lockdown in March 2020 – “literally the worst possible time!” she admitted – but she used the first 12 months to scrutinise her business plan and expand further:

Ivy and Gold Bridal in Hemingford Grey was launched jn March last year.

Ivy and Gold Bridal in Hemingford Grey was launched just before the first lock-down in March last year. - Credit: SIAN RICHARSON

“Initially, I set-up an exchange business by purchasing pre-owned wedding dresses and selling them on, but, through lockdown, I realised there was also a market for repurposing ex-samples off-the-rack as well. These beautiful garments were being snapped for photoshoots then going to waste.

“I started conversing and striking agreements with British dress designers and suppliers, and, as a result, I was then able to add brand new bridalwear to Ivy and Gold Bridal’s repertoire and provide a completely sustainable offering.”

Pippa’s unwavering enthusiasm and commitment to recycling dresses is clearly paying off, with brides now reaching out and making appointments on the prerequisite that they’re continuing the lifespan of a dress and not allowing it to go to waste.

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She added: “Word is definitely spreading about what Ivy and Gold Bridal stands for, and I think our goal is starting to resonate with more brides. Finding a dress, the pressure of finding the right dress, can be a daunting prospect; however, I believe we offer a unique service that recycles bridalwear and allows brides to feel like the queens they are!

“Whether it’s a glass of bubbly or a warm cuppa, Ivy and Gold Bridal will welcome brides with open arms.”

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