Suspended sentence for man who attacked police officers

Huntingdon Magistrates' Court

Huntingdon Magistrates' Court - Credit: Archant

A man who made a police officer ‘fear for his life’ and assaulted another has been given a suspended prison sentence by magistrates.

Krzystof Wojtowicz, of Grove Lane, Hemingford Grey, appeared before Huntingdon Magistrates’ Court yesterday (Tuesday) and pleaded guilty to four charges, including assaulting a constable, using threatening language, ABH and assault by beating.

Prosecutor Anthea Harris told the court that Wojtowicz had returned from the pub with his sister and a friend on June 5 when a housemate heard an argument break out.

Wojtowicz was then told to leave the house, in Waterbeach, before throwing beer at a friend and hitting his sister in the back of the head.

Police were called to reports of the incident and found Wojtowicz sitting on a green in Waterbeach but, as officers tried to arrest him, he became abusive and insulting.

“The officers told the defendant to put his hands behind his back but he refused several times. He then goes onto assault Special Constable Mark Moreley, he kicks him in the leg, pushes him in the leg then grabs hold of him around his neck,” said Mrs Harris.

“Special Constable Moreley began struggling to breathe and feared for his life as his vision became blurred.”

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The court heard that after being handcuffed Wojtowicz assaulted another officer, Special Constable Paul Jenkins, by kicking him in the legs.

Wojtowicz, 36, also pleaded guilty to two charges dating back to December including being drunk and disorderly in a public place and failure to surrender to bail.

In mitigation, Maryam Bassily said that Wojtowicz had “demons” which have blighted him in his life.

“He has found it difficult because of his alcohol problems to sustain work. He is trying to get help to get him out of his cycle that he is in at present.

“Alcohol has been a problem but when he is not drinking he is a relatively nice person.”

Wojtowicz was given a 26-week prison sentence, suspended for two years.

He was also ordered to pay £170 court costs, an £80 victim surcharge, and £100 compensation to SC Jenkins and £500 to SC Moreley.