Urgent need for food and clothing for Afghan refugees

Patrick Kadewere with Dr Shabina Qayyum. 

Patrick Kadewere with Dr Shabina Qayyum. - Credit: Patrick Kadewere

An appeal has been launched to help Afghan refugees to receive food and clothes.  

The charity Light House Community Group has launched the appeal for the Afghan Refugee Resettlement Scheme in the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough area. 

A space has been offered at East Community Centre Peterborough to form a hub for the collection of items. 

This is for the impending Afghan refugees who are looking to come to the county, as per the local authority’s pledge to take in refugees in the coming days or weeks.  

Councillor Patrick Kadewere, trustee of the Light House Community Group charity who now manage the centre and also runs the Huntingdonshire Community Group said: “We are delighted to be able to provide space at our centre to help the Afghan refugees that will be welcomed into the area.  

“We will work closely with the local authorities and other partner agencies who will be working on this response to ensure those arriving here will be looked after, supported, educated and integrated into a new life within our communities.  

“We are happy to take donations of long-life food items, toiletries, clothes and shoes in good condition for any gender or age.  

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“The Butterfly Legacy Project who have supported our Huntingdonshire Community Group Covid-19 Response Team throughout the pandemic will also be partnering with us on this project.

"They have made facemasks, scrubs, gift bags and so many other essential items to frontline staff throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and they are looking for donations of fabric so they can stitch clothes for the refugees coming into the area.” 

Councillor Shabina Qayyum said: “We have a sizeable population of Afghan residents in our ward who are naturally worried about loved ones caught up in the recent events in Afghanistan.  

“As their Councillor, I’m offering to listen to their concerns and I’m helping with advice and signposting to agencies with their queries.  

“It is very kind of the Light House Community Group to offer space at East Community Centre for donations.  

“I have also been made aware that the Peterborough City Council are working with the swift organisation to help the refugees once they come into our city, so everyone is playing their part.  

“It’s been a very difficult year for so many with the Pandemic upon us, but our city’s generosity knows no bounds when it comes to helping others and I’m just grateful to be a part of it.”  

The East Community Centre will be accepting donations of long-life food items, toiletries, clothes and shoes in good condition for any gender or age from Monday to Friday 7:30pm-9:30pm and Fridays from 2:30-3:30pm 

Alternatively to arrange a drop off/collection please email  huntingdonshirecommunitygroup@gmail or lighthousecommunitygrouppb@gmail.com