Over the next few weeks, we will be publishing reaction and support for the Reopening Huntingdonshire campaign.

Here, we hear from two of the town mayors.

Cllr Stephen Ferguson, mayor of St Neots, said: “I fully support all the hard work that HDC has done in safely reopening our town centre. I spent a couple of hours wandering the town centre last weekend and after months of seeing it shuttered up like an abandoned ghost town, it was wonderful to see the lifeblood returning to St Neots. “If we are not careful though, those deserted streets could become the norm. The choice is simple, either we support our high street or face up to a future without it. I understand that Covid-19 has been financially tough on lots of people and many families are struggling to make ends meet. All I am asking is that you consider diverting as much regular spending as possible towards St Neots businesses. If everyone contributes a little the town will begin to flourish again.”

Huntingdon mayor, Cllr Steve McAdam, told us: “Our high streets and shopping centres are the beating heart of our towns. Speaking for Huntingdon, I welcome the district council’s plans to re-open our town centre shops and businesses as we slowly move out of the COVID-19 crisis. It is very important that people support our local shops, and independent businesses. It is these that provide the array of individual, original and personal service which injects a greater sense of vitality into our town. They are also the hardest hit and need the greatest support.

“Unless we want to see our high street become a ghost town we must make a real effort to support these shops and businesses.”