Supermarket staff swap shelves for shovels to help care home

St Ives Time Bank volunteers

St Ives Time Bank volunteers - Credit: Archant

Managers at Morrisons’ new supermarket in St Ives have been making their presence felt in the community - before the store has even opened.

Twenty-two of the new managers spent four hours at the Rheola care home overhauling the garden ready for residents to use in the spring as part of a team-building day, working with St Ives Time Bank.

Morrisons’ community champion, Denise Gable and store manager Paul White organised the event because they have long-term plans for the store’s involvement with the town after it opens next month.

The managers filled a skip, tidied up and gave a makeover to Rheola’s dementia garden. Morrisons also donated plants and provided a lunch and tea party for staff and residents.

Mr White said: “This was such a fantastic welcome for us into the St Ives community and we are very happy to have made links with such a respected establishment as Rheola.

“My colleagues all had a fantastic time and we loved working so hard and seeing the huge transformation. Rheola’s staff and residents were all delighted with the outcome. We look forward to building on the community connections we have already made once we open.”

Rheola is linked to St Ives Time Bank where volunteers offer their time to help various projects and can then claim time back if they need something in return.

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