A boat which sank at its mooring near Huntingdon town bridge has been refloated.

The boat moored near Huntingdon town bridgeThe boat moored near Huntingdon town bridge

The cabin cruiser was inundated when river levels rose rapidly after heavy rain towards the end of January and was left with only its upper parts protruding from the water.

Local people have offered the owner the use of a slipway to carry out repairs to the vessel and access to washing facilities for its contents.

The Environment Agency, which is responsible for the river, was notified that the boat had sunk by members of the public and sent a navigation officer to assess the situation.

They established that the vessel was not causing an obstruction, increasing flood risk or causing pollution.

The Environment Agency said they had also been liaising with Huntingdonshire District Council which owns the land where the boat was moored.

It also said it regularly updated advice to boat owners about fluctuating river levels so they could act accordingly.