Summer holiday offer for anti-social Huntingdon youths

YOUNG people at the centre of anti-social behaviour complaints in Huntingdon will be offered the chance to take part in a summer holiday programme in a bid to keep them on the straight and narrow.

Police have received an increase in complaints of noise and groups of young people gathering on corners and outside homes at the Thongsley and The Whaddons housing estates since the start of the summer.

Huntingdon police inspector Ian Ford said officers were working with members of the Fusion summer holiday programme to keep youngsters off the streets.

Plans are to offer outdoor pursuits to youngsters deemed ‘at risk’ of breaking the law, including off-road motorbiking and canoeing.

Insp Ford said: “Generally what we are getting is young people gathering in the area, causing noise nuisance. It links into the later nights and warmer weather.

“Around Thongsley and The Whaddons, there is a higher concentration of housing there and people tend to notice more.

“Over the summer holidays, the Fusion project is carrying out target work, looking at various individuals who may have been involved in low-level anti-social behaviour, and offering them a chance to take part in off-road motorbiking, camping and canoeing.”

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In addition, persistent offenders may also be asked to sign a behavioural contract with police, in which they pledge to avoid certain areas.

Other issues deemed priorities by a Huntingdon neighbourhood forum meeting earlier this month are thefts from vehicles and damage to vehicles in Bernard Close, bike thefts from the town centre, and parking problems at Haweswater and Lake Way.

Residents in both streets say users of the neighbouring skate park often obstruct drives and pathways by parking recklessly outside their homes.

Police are working with Cambridgeshire County Council on possible parking restrictions, but are urging motorists to be more considerate.

nFor a full account of the Huntingdon neighbourhood forum meeting see Inspector’s Blog at, under Columnists.