Students from St Ivo School have raised more than £150 and collected food donations for Jimmy’s Shelter – an emergency accommodation provider in Cambridge.

Year 8 pupils spent the week placing collection boxes around the school for children to fill, as well as putting up posters to promote the charity.

Together, they are sending off one large box and four medium ones, each containing the likes of tinned food, sauce and cake mixtures, and toiletries.

A spokesman for the school said, “Students voted to support Jimmy’s Shelter because they wanted to help others who were less fortunate than themselves and have a positive impact on a worthy charity.”

A sponsored silence was also held for three hours, including morning break and lunchtime, to help raise vital funds for the shelter.

Alison Fisher, form tutor, said: “I was very proud of the participants and the dedication the form has shown in raising the money alongside the food donations.”