Street party marks 50 years of Oxmoor

Residents of the Oxmoor estate were invited to a street party on Saturday - but this one was to celebrate a milestone a little closer to home than the Royal Wedding.

The street party at the Maple Centre marked the launch of the Community Pride Charter and the 50th anniversary of the estate.

The charter includes details on how local public services will tackle anti-social issues such as inconsiderate parking, dog fouling and noisy neighbours, and encourages residents to pledge to be good neighbours.

George Robbins, a volunteer on the project, said: “We want people to show they have real pride about where they live by signing up to this new charter and pledge to keep the area clean, tidy and peaceful.”

Cambridgeshire county councillor Laine Kadic said: “There were hundreds of people there on Saturday. We hope it will bring all the community to work together, so we can cure some of those problems.”

The event was organised by the county council’s neighbourhood team and funded by the Freemans of Huntingdon.

nPictured are county councillor Sir Peter Brown, Cllr Kadic, and co-organiser Diane Lane with children Maya and Taylor.