Street cleaner Colin is unsung St Ives hero

Colin Willcox

Colin Willcox - Credit: Archant

Our local heroes are all too frequently unsung heroes. Colin Willcox, our town centre street cleaner, is my local hero.

Visitors to a Councillor surgery commented on how pristine the town centre looked. They admired his thoroughness and attention to detail to ensure the town was litter free. He is a street cleaner extraordinaire, and a credit to his employer, Huntingdonshire District Council.

Colin, who is 49, has been cleaning our town for nearly 13 years. Originally from a small village in Rutland, he has lived in St Ives for the past ten years, and is to be found out in all weathers.

He’s the chap who empties the bins, picks up dog-ends, clears away chewing gum and patrols the historic narrow passageways of the Old Riverport, reaching the places machines never could.

Colin, this town and its mayor salute you! Keep up the good work. St Ives appreciates and needs you.