STORM SPECIAL: Neighbours help young St Neots family escape home after lightning blows hole in roof


lightning - Credit: Archant

A LIGHTNING bolt struck a house in Eynesbury in the early hours of yesterday (Tuesday), blowing a hole in the roof.

At around midnight, Jessie Parkins, 29, was texting her neighbour when lightning hit the roof, blowing the loft hatch open and damaging the electrics in the property in Maule Close.

Her children, Tegan, 11, Harvey, 9, Chaniece, 3, and 8-week-old Billi-Jay were sleeping at the time.

Jessie’s neighbours, Stacey Brown and Jonny Carter, rushed to help Jessie and her children evacuate the property. Jonny grabbed Chaniece as Stacey picked up Billi-Jay, while Jessie helped Tegan and Harvey out of the house.

The fire brigade were on the scene in three minutes and used thermal imaging cameras to look for a fire but there were no hot spots.

Tilly, the family’s Jack Russell, was so frightened that she hid in a pram in one of the bedrooms in the property.

The family were advised to stay out of the house overnight and Jessie took her children to her mother’s house in Eaton Socon.

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Social landlord Granta Housing, which owns the property, began repairs to the roof yesterday, which were expected to take three days.

Jessie said: “We’re fine now – it was a bit scary last night though. It happened over my eldest daughter’s bedroom, it could have been worse if she’d had her TV on at the time.”

Jessie’s mother, Janet Parkins, 59, added: “There was a gaping hole in the ceiling and you could see that the sky was orange.”

Despite the swift repairs to the property, everything electrical that was on at the time is now damaged, and Jessie does not have insurance.