STORM SPECIAL: Homes on Huntingdon ring road flooded by water running off building site

Floods on Huntingdon Ring Road

Floods on Huntingdon Ring Road - Credit: Archant

RESIDENTS living on Huntingdon ring road woke up yesterday to find water at their front doors.

The water had travelled across the road from the site of the new multi-storey car park opposite Sainsbury’s and flooded a section of Nursery Road before filling up the driveways of two houses.

The water was so high that it reached the bottom of the doors of the cars parked in the drives and cut off the electricity in one of the homes.

Erik Jordan, 38, of Nursery Road, said: “It was up to the front doors and next door had about 18 inches of water in the drive. All the way from the development to the houses was under water – if you opened your car door it pushed the water back.

“We ended up with a complete run of water surging onto our property which has never happened before.”

Mr Jordan and his neighbours managed to get some sand bags from a passing Huntingdonshire District Council truck.

HDC, which is responsible for the car park development, said: “The multi-storey car park and associated access road have both gone through a design and planning process. Surface water from the access road and car park have internal drainage board consent. The access road has continuous drainage and storage capacity which attenuates the flows.

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“However, we’ve had several hours of rain overnight and an exceptional flash flood has overloaded the system and therefore the storage capacity has been pushed to the limit but it is now recovering well.”