A pair of ferrets who were snatched from their cage in Upwood last month have been reunited after the second pet was found on March 31.

Brothers Skokie and Scrumpy, both three, were put to bed by owners Lorraine and Ian Rowbotham on March 20 but were nowhere to be seen the following day.

A call was made to police around 7pm, but the ferrets managed to find their own way home through cat-flaps; Scrumpy through a neighbour’s and Skokie through his owners’.

“Scrumpy went through the cat-flap of somebody’s house. They tried to get rid of him but he came back in so they took him, then they saw the adverts,” said Mrs Rowbotham.

Scrumpy was returned to his owners on March 24, and Skokie returned a week later after going through the Rowbotham’s cat-flap and up to their bedroom at 2am.

Mrs Rowbotham said: “They are covered in ticks, but we took them to vets to get treated. Skokie looks a bit rough and is exhausted, but Scrumpy is recovering well.

“It is a miracle that Skokie turned up through the cat-flap after 10 days. They are being thoroughly spoilt now!”

Mrs Rowbotham would like to thank the community for their help and support.