Police chief sends “clear message” about staying at home this weekend

Chief Constable Nick Dean

Chief Constable Nick Dean - Credit: Archant

Cambridgeshire Constabulary has issued a reminder about staying at home this weekend as temperatures are set to rise.

This weekend will see the county bathed in warm weather and police are urging people not to head out to parks and beauty spots, but to follow Government advice about daily exercising and essential travel.

Chief constable, Nick Dean, said: “We haven’t issued any fines and that I think is a real positive story and I thank the communities in Cambridgeshire who have been adhering to the new legislation.”

“Most people know an elderly person, a vulnerable person and before they think about breaching the rules just have a look and think, what can I do to make a difference today? And that is about staying home where possible and not undertaking unnecessary travel.”

Mr Dean said enforcement is the last option and officers will talk to people in the first instance rather than issue fines, “Our position as a force is to support the NHS to save lives and prevent the spread of the virus. That’s our main aim and the main aim of many agencies across this county.

“My clear expectation of my officers and staff is to talk to people, to explain the legislation and the guidance which has been issued by the Government and really encourage people to adhere to that guidance.

“At the end of the day the clear message is that this is about saving lives and protecting our fantastic NHS.”